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Important Notice

To Our Valuable Customers:

Please be advised that our warehouse in Miami, Florida (Laser International Freight Transport) is now open on Saturdays from 11am - 4pm. 2017-08-29

Company Profile

The Vision
The Vision of The MailBoat Company Ltd. is to be the bridge between the islands of The Bahamas and the world.

The Mission
The Mission of The MailBoat Company Ltd. is to serve people through love.  We will seek to know and live through service to others; our true purpose for existing.  Using state of the art equipment, cultivation of multi-skilled team players and all available resources; we will bridge The Bahamas, connecting it to the World; thus bridging people, products, and places.

Our Pledge of Excellence
Our company is committed to fast, affordable, and dependable freight and passenger service. We are also committed to corporate social responsibility through investing in community initiatives. Our company also aims to provide education and training opportunities for all company personnel. In addition, as part of our commitment to excellence, we will continue to conform to international safety and pollution prevention conventions.

Leader in Service
Whatever you want to send anywhere in the Bahamas will get there faster and safer with The MailBoat.  Whatever the logistics of your shipment, they will be satisfactorily resolved with the MailBoat.

Ship It Anywhere
If you have products or items to ship throughout the Bahamas, the MailBoat Company can help you.

Whatever you want to ship anywhere in the Bahamas, it will get there faster and safer with the Mailboat. Whatever the Logistics of your shipment, they will be satisfactorily resolved with the Mailboat.

MailBoats are the Bahamas largest domestic shipping distribution network, delivery time sensitive cargo/people to every rock, cay and island in the Bahamas. Our strength lies in our local and strengthening global reach and the know how of our people.

We aim to continue setting the industry standards through improved customer care with tailor-made services designed around our customers’ needs.