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News and Events


Regular Sailing Schedule


Depart Nassau @ 2pm - Arrive in Freeport @ 11pm Monday night


Depart Freeport Tuesday @ 1am - Arrive in Nassau @ 10am Tuesday


Wednesday @ Port Everglades


Depart Nassau Thursday @ 5pm - Arrive in Freeport @ 2am Friday


Depart Freeport Fridy @ 7pm - Arrive in Nassau @ 7am Saturday


*** Schedule subject to change without notice ***





Receiving Freight at Potters Cay Dock Office (Mon. - Fri. 8am - 3:30pm; Sat. 8am - 12pm)

Vehicles are shipped locally based on bookings only (Please contact in advance) | Dry Goods are received Mon. - Sat. | Freezer items are shipped on sailing days only|

Receiving Freight at Freeport Harbour (Mon. - Fri. 8am - 3:30pm)

| Dry goods are received Mon. - Fri. | Freezer items are received on Fridays only.