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Important Notice

To Our Valuable Customers:

Please be advised that our warehouse in Miami, Florida (Laser International Freight Transport) is now open on Saturdays from 11am - 4pm. 2017-08-29

Export to Florida

Standard Procedure for Exporting to Florida            


The Boat departs Nassau every Tuesday for Florida.  All cargo must be at Arawak Cay by Friday as Bahamas Customs has to see the physical items for clearance.  Cargo must be transferred to Potters Cay on Tuesday morning for departure. 


The following will be needed:

- Cargo Description (we do NOT ship scrap metal aboard the Fiesta Mail)
- Passport Copies (Please have the customer bring the passport and we make copies)
- Invoices (if any are available)
- Address for Shipper and Consignee
- US Broker Contact Name, Number and Email Address



Customer needs to get a broker in the US to clear the shipment and also to complete the 10+2 Form.
If the customer doesn’t have a broker we suggest JP Reynolds (1-305-592-9916 Carroll Quant) to them.
Carroll will send by e-mail a few forms that need to completed, signed and e-mailed back to him 
(e.g. Power of Attorney form) we have changed the system to include a broker in Florida to clear the cargo upon arrival because there is a new form that needs to be submitted.  If for any reason a mistake is made the person completing the form is hit with a $5,000.00 fine.



Customer needs a broker here in Nassau to assist them with the Export Entry (C30 Form). There is a minimum charge of $10.00 maximum charge of $500.00 on anything leaving the country. This payment must be paid to Bahamas Customs Thompson Blvd. 



The customer has to provide the head office with a copy of the Export Entry, Passport copies, Address and telephone number for the shipper and consignee. Payment needs to be made at this time for the shipping.  


Step 4: 

Forward via email all the relevant information to Mr. Alex Bravo (MB agent in Ft. Lauderdale) and copy Mrs. Augusta Taylor (MB Customer Service Manager).  Once received, Mr. Bravo will create a bill of lading and forward to the US Broker.


In the event you have further questions or need assistance with completing the necessary documents, please contact Carlos or Carroll at J. P. Reynold’s as each situation requires various forms. 


Carroll J Quant 
JP Reynolds Co. 
Import Supervisor 
Ph: 305-592-9916 
Fax: 305-592-9948 
E-mail: carroll@jpreynolds.com